Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Album Review: "Inversum" by Dark Buddha Rising

Welcome to a day of something a bit off the wall.

Being the author of a non-specific music blog who answers to no one means that you can just write about whatever crosses your desk that you find interesting.

I've been trying to shuffle around what I do here in order to have a wider array of music and I've there have been some very cool things to come our way.

Today we're going back to Finland. It seems that about half of what crosses my desk these days is Scandinavian.

Interesting how that has come to be.

Meet Dark Buddha Rising. They're from Finland, obviously. They've been at this for a little while, but they still seem quite mysterious...see photo. They're about to release their fifth album of progressive psychedelic doom....we're just going to call it prog.

Dark Buddha Rising...at least I assume...
You may recall my review on Agusa awhile back. If you thought that was cool...

Please read on!

Dark Buddha Rising's Inversum has the same kind of format. There are only two tracks.

An A side and a B side.

The music is slow at first, but it builds.

It is not a fast burn even though it jumps to high tempos at the end of the songs. Slow, plodding, and then full of rage and energy. These songs do not do anything quickly.

There's an uncomfortable mood set and in time, there is a payoff. While waiting, the listener is treated to wah drenched guitars with tones that sound like the amplifiers are on fire. Howling vocals that breed anger, enmity, and sadness.

This isn't a toe tapping album. It's more artistic than the normal three chord rock song. It's a lot like watching someone paint a picture or tell a story.

Release: 9/25/15
Genre: Prog
Label: Neurot
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