Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Album Review: "Invoke The Bizarre" by Bevar Sea

Invoke the Bizarre
A bit about myself today, I have been suffering under the duress of a nasty chest cold.

I have been taking medication to knock this out.

I might say something strange, or bizarre in this review due to my heavily medicated state. NyQuil, Cough Drops, and Mucinex are nothing to mess around with.

However, as this review won't be published until over a week from this very moment, it's hardly going to matter anyway is it?

So...let's get on with it.

Bevar Sea is an indie doom metal band out of the sub-continent of India. They're based out of Bangalore, if you'd like to be a bit more specific. Invoke The Bizarre is their sophomore album.

Let's dig in.

Only here for my formatting. No idea about a picture coming soon.

It feels like I have been listening to this album for the past 27 hours of my life, but it's been nowhere near that long.

There are only six songs, but they are long, meandering, and a little out there.

I suppose though, that if you're invoking the bizarre a group of verse chorus verse bridge chorus verse chorus songs in 4/4 time probably won't make the record.

Now, when I say meandering, that's not to say they are unfocused, or that this is a swipe at them in anyway.

It just feels like an idea was hatched, and the group has chosen to follow the hatchling where it goes, and that's never a straight line is it?

Gritty guitars and drums. Brittle vocals.

The fuzzy sweaty sounds of a bustling city. That's where we have all heard these tracks. As we walked down the street. As we commute to work.

These songs feel like songs that are jammed out should. They groove. They're slow. They're fuzzy.

Bevar Sea always takes the scenic route to get to where they are going, but in life, isn't getting there half of the fun?

Release: 10/31/15
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: DIY
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