Monday, September 7, 2015

Album Review: "Static" by Huntress

Huntress is in a very small and exclusive club.

They are the only band whom I've reviewed all of their albums.

The first two albums never really struck me very hard. Their debut was good enough, but their sophomore record doubled down on some of the aesthetic elements of the band I found to be a bit distasteful, shall we say.

Huntress has been billed as the next King Diamond or Mercyful Fate.

That's a very good thing because we need a new one. The King is getting up there in years and needs an Heir Apparent.

Unfortunately, they had not lived up to that title in their previous efforts. All of the ingredients were there, but something was always missing....

Huntress...Rock'n'Roll as hell.
Yes, I was nervous going into this album.

As a band whom I've followed from the beginning, I was ready to walk away if they didn't cook the soup right.

Oh man oh man.

Let's start off with the vocals, as I think I'm legally bound to do.

Janus has found something in her voice that was never there before. Her vocals, while always having been impressive due to her strength of voice and range, have found an added element of power.

The guitars riff along with that Mercyful Fate meets Metallica flair. Harmonic riffs, palm muted riffs, all of the above. The toolboxes are filled with all of the techniques real metallers need to get the job done.

The rhythm section flat out kills it again. All of the parts have always been there for Huntress and musically, this album isn't largely different from their first two, but it has something the others do not...

A sense of purpose.

Every note on the guitar feels like it could be the last. Every vocal run screams hear me, hear us.

Huntress has arrived.

Release: 9/25/15
Genre: Pagan Metal
Label: Napalm Records
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