Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Album Review: "Gruesome Twosome" by Level & Tyson

Gruesome Twosome
Am I the only one that has a hard time not stereotyping music from Scandinavia?

Perhaps I've watched too much "Metalocalypse," or maybe I've attended too many Iron Maiden concerts, but when I think of that area of the world, I picture five very blonde, very bearded young men huddled around more Marshall stacks than one can count.

Of course this isn't remotely true, but just my interpretation.

Level & Tyson....they are nothing even remotely similar to what I just described, except that they have about the right number of people to make that happen.

They are part of the fuzz rock revolution. I can remember a time when no one remembered what fuzz tones even were, but here nowadays, it's come back and on purpose, unlike many of the fuzzy instigators like Buddy Guy who just happened to achieve the sound....

Level & Tyson
This band is really all over the place. They certainly are far more than the simple fuzz rock moniker implies.

Several vocalists, several different instrumentations, and a lack of a clear path from  A to B give them a feel like few others in this world.

I think of them more as fuzzy progressive rock.

The keys, the strings, the syths, the outright insanity.

This is more than just your three chord retro rockers.

The songwriting is top notch. When the synths come sweeping in, they are used to maximum effect. The piano bubbles underneath really supplementing the chords and driving the riff home.

This is a band that will confuse you every time their songs come up, because they don't paint by any numbers used in the 21st Century Western World.

If you like must that'll keep you guessing, Level & Tyson are writing songs just for you.

Release: 9/25/15
Genre: Fuzz Rock
Label: DIG! Records
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  1. Intriguing, I think you had me at "insanity." I like that in my music, sometimes. Thanks for another good one, Nik