Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Album Review: "Darkness Evermore" by Nightfell

Darkness Evermore
More and more I find myself getting into this funeral doom metal thing.

Over the past 18 months I have been seeing a shift in extreme metal to take elements of black metal, stoner metal, and death metal and place these into a singularly metal sausage.

I often times feel like the biggest hypocrite when it comes to discussing these genres, but here we are and this music sounds different than standard doom metal, like Sorrows Path.

Nightfell is a happy little group working out of Portland, OR. I can only assume that they are Portland Timbers supports. I could you not be?

As a band, they're primarily a duo, but I suspect they're a duo like the Black Keys are a duo... Darkness Evermore is their second album and a follow up to last year's The Living Ever Mourn.

What will strike you about this album is what happens before you even spin the thing.

It's only got six tracks.

There are four very long, very diverse, and very divergent songs.

They feature the grandeur of larger instrumentation, the purposeful rhythm guitar work that only metal can provide, and the painful screams of a man in pain.

Though they feature no instrumental soloing and no great amounts of changes in the songs, they move and slither along in a very subtle way. The context will always determine the meaning, or quantify its its effect.

The other tracks are very short interludes where the listener has time to digest the epic that just finished.

These songs are dark and muddy and played with the relentless disposition of a chainsaw.

Release: 9/25/15
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin
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