Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Album Review: "Show The Blood" by Alone At 3AM

Show The Blood
Let's talk roots rock.

What is roots rock?

Well it's music that harkens back to a simpler time, when music wasn't so difficult.

Back when you went into the studio, it's possible that Les Paul had yet to invent multi-track recording, so when your band started playing and the red light went off....

What you had was what you had. There weren't any overdubs, retouches, or Pro-Tools.

Everything was simpler and more confused, but the music was honest, raw, and a bit sloppy. I think that's how rock music should be, a bit sloppy and well, somewhat naive.

Alone At 3AM
Even though, I love a lot of music that produced by today's high fallootin' modern means, it's nice to hear what music used to sound like.

Alone At 3AM start the record off with a tremolo powered guitar riff that sets the tone. (get it?)

From then on this catchy album is so full vocal melodies, hooks, and little guitar fills that Golem would call this band hooksy hobbits I'm sure.

Their secret weapon is the piano. Most bands these days don't know how to write music like this. It's almost jazzy because the guitar and keys talk to each other. Those musical conversations add another level to the music that's often times missing.

I really can't imagine anyone spinning this record and thinking, no, this is too old fashioned or it sounds too raw.

Honest, hardworking music shouldn't sound perfect. The imperfections exist to make the rest sound beautiful.

Release: 9/18/15
Genre: Roots Rock
Label: Sofaburn Records
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