Friday, September 4, 2015

Album Review: " Our God Is A Possum God" by Silvertron Youth Choir

Our God Is A Possum God
Music, and many other art forms, make me smile due to its flexibility.

Just the word music means so many things.

When we look at how many different genres, styles, and all of that, the word music is hardly descriptive because it simply means some sort of sound that is pleasing to someone in the world.

Is it pleasing to you?

Well, it takes longer to figure that out I suppose.

Let's talk about Silvertron Youth Choir.

They're a duo, of some sorts from somewhere in Oregon. I feel that finding out more information might take some of their shine away. I'll tell you they're a music group.

Silvertron Youth Choir
This album was described to me as freaky folk funk and jokey rap.


This first song starts off as one of the purely great parodies of artists like Kanye West, Shabbaz Palaces, and the like.

It's a fun, fuzzy song featuring loads of electronic beats and melodies. It didn't really sound jokey, aside from the fact that they weren't being serious....

So I, your friend and humble narrator, pressed on. The next song was straight up Americana. Bouncy and twangy. I suppose that could've been the freaky folk part...?

As this album continued, it never had any sort of pattern at all. No matter where the previous song went, the following song flipped it off and took a hard right instead of continuing straight on.

Imagine a couple of guys in the basement, having a couple beers. One turns to the other and says, I really want to start a musical group with you.

His friend, best friend, of course man. We need to do this. Then they spend the next, approximately 287 hours trying to figure out what music they're going to play.

When they just decided, let's play everything and include a ripping rooster solo at the end of Side A.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Seriously?
Label: DIY
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