Monday, September 21, 2015

Album Review: "Anareta" by Horrendous

It's time to once again be metal.

Once again we must take up the mantle of the disaffected youth and those who must clearly worship the devil.

Stick to the religious right and the PMRC types!'s 2015 and no one listens to those people anymore? And no one cares about disaffected youth anymore?

Damn, I guess the world passed me by when I wasn't paying attention.

You might recall Horrendous from my review of their previous record, Ecdysis. This trio of death metal fury certainly has a flair for very, very metal album titles don't they?

First I really need to say that this album is not a cut above, a step ahead, or any other cliche about how they've improved...

This is light years ahead.

Extreme metal is a genre of music that's littered with me too's and also rans, more cliches...sorry... and to be one of the greats, you need to know more than three chord progressions.

You have to stand out.

You have to be brilliant.

This album is both of those things, but it doesn't start off that way. The first song features shrill, screeching vocals, but like someone hearing the first applause during their first speech, the confidence grows and builds.

Before you know it, searing, melodic solos, in the pocket drumming, and vocals growled with confidence. I felt like Horrendous was playing the most important music in the world at that time.

The anger, the sorrow, the pain. So infrequently does death metal get done so well. What saddens me to no end is how few people will hear this collection of songs with an open mind to hear past the "talentless" vocals to hear the spectacular songwriting.

Many people won't be able to hear the intricacies of this music. There's so much more to this album than just a label to dismiss.

Don't miss out.

Release: 10/30/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dark Descent Records

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