Friday, September 18, 2015

Album Review: "Slaves Beyond Death" by Black Breath

Slaves Beyond Death

Pure. Glorious. Jurassic.

Rob Zombie once said that metal is like an unchanging dinosaur, but in a good way. I suppose we could divine from that statement that surprises are gone...

Today we're taking in the third album by Black Breath. This record will be released on vinyl as well as the standard methods. (Check the bandcamp link for information.)

This band isn't familiar to me.

None of their records are in my collection, and in fact I didn't even want to write about death metal today, but here we are and I cannot escape it. So let's get metal.

Black Breath
With a name like Black Breath, I figured they would be a black metal band, but here we are...

In considering the esteemed Mr. Zombie's train of thought, this band should be full of furious double bass blast beats, growl incessantly, and be the bearers of ripping, double tapped guitar solos.

Well, this isn't your father's death metal.

The vocals, let's start there shall we... If you're expecting Glenn Benton growls coupled with Jeff Walker screeching...stop because neither are here. The vocals are subtle and angry, and there are a few parts here and there that are in harmony with the guitars....

Speaking of those guitars...this is the tone of legends. There's no buzzing here. No over compressed modernized anything. These guitars have that Slayer chainsaw tone, but sharper, clearer, and angrier.

There's a melodic solo here and there, but the Michael Amott style pyrotechnics are nowhere to be found.

The underlying feeling of this album is subtlety. The drums, while blasting out beats, never rely on it as a sound. Pete Commando Sandoval would have a serious issue trying to be the drummer here.

When you get a group of death metallers in a room and they've all got the same page...99 times out of 100, they won't come up with this.

Which is part of why it's so astounding. I cannot wait to get a copy of this on vinyl for myself.

Release: 9/25/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Southern Lord
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Bandcamp Link

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