Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Album Review: "All Is Left To See" by Moloken

All Is Left To See
Well, it's still October.

The chill is still in the air and the summer is still sometimes mounting a principled stand against beautiful weather from time to time, though we all complain about you now.

So, I suppose we're in Pumpkin Spice-Post Summer as opposed to proper autumn.

Well, that's a funny way of saying that I'm reviewing another post-(blank) album again.

In this particular instance, I didn't notice the genre listed when I went to spin it. I just looked it, the cover, and the title.

I then figured Moloken would do very well in my month long ode to Halloween, the fall, and everything that's good and holy in this world....and I was right about that!

Moloken is listed as a Swedish progressive sludge/post-metal collective.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what post metal is and I refuse to learn.

This album is very gritty. The vocals sometimes feel like an afterthought and sometimes feel the howls of a man intense pain.

Because of the progressive bent of the band, there is very little similarity in the tracks to my ear.

Dirty chords give way to subtle arpeggios. Low in the mix vocals roar to the front. The bass player even gets into the act on the bottom end with Cliff Burton styled fills.

The songs are ugly, dissonant, and feel like the stream of consciousness of a man possessed by  his own pain.

In short, this album is not to be missed.

Release: 11/13/15
Genre: No idea.
Label: Temple of Torturous
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Temple of Torturous Bandcamp

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