Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Album Review: "Shattered Shores" by Silent Line

Shattered Shores
All hail the concept album!

Well, at least I do anyway. On these very pages I have sung the praises of many a great concept record. Steve Vai, Coheed and Cambria, Chappo, Ahab, High On Fire, Wax Fang, and more.

There is a part of me that always gets very, very excited at the idea of an album that's more than just a collection of songs, but something that the band has really looked at, not as a collection of songs they wrote, but a piece of music.

What can I say...Pink Floyd and King Diamond sure did a number on a very young me.

Today's artist is Silent Line. When we say support independent music, Silent line is someone you should be looking at. Originally from rural Alberta, they've made their way into the second coldest city on earth, Edmonton, to ply their metal trade.

Silent Line
As is my wont, I will not be discussing the story, the lyrics, or the themes.

I'll let them do that for us!

"The first part of the title track of the album, it describes the coming of the storm that is supposed to wash away the ash of the past and renew the land. 

It shares a similar chorus with Shattered Shores II: A New Beginning, as well as the verse riff – although the songs are in different tunings. It also shares some lyrics with Erosion to tie the depiction of ashes and flames to the storm. 

It primarily describes hopelessness and sorrow, trying to move on but being stuck in depression. Musically it is quite diverse ranging from classic In Flames-style dual lead guitars to a four guitar harmonized clean bridge and huge ringing chords."

So, let's just take the music, as we always do. This music is heavy, dynamic, and quite progressive.

Modern metal meets old school symphonies is a good start. The guitars are crushing. The drums pound double bass all the way.

The guitar melodies intertwine with the pianos making a deliciously eerie mixture. Synthesizers and drums. Choral voices and growls. Everything seems to come in pairs on this album.

Silent Line have written an album that instead of moving from verse to chorus, leaps off of buildings. When the music couldn't be heavier, it drops into a sweet vocal, but only long enough for you to notice that it changed back, but even heavier.

Never is there a comfort in listening to these songs, they are always playing three moves ahead of you.

Release: 10/30/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: DIY
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