Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Interview: James Leg "I've Got This Hard Copy" Part 2.

James Leg
When I spoke to the good reverend awhile back, he gave me much more than I could use for a single interview.

So, let's just get right to it and continue where we left off.

GM: We're getting closer. CD purchases are down and vinyl purchases are way up and the cost is way down.

JL: Fifteen, twenty, I got no problem with that and if it's
something I really want, I'll pay fifty bucks for a record. Something I'm searching for...

GM: When you get past thirty bucks, it's gotta be something special...

JL: Well, we're talking like Miles Davis first pressing...

GM: Not just something I'm getting on vinyl that I already have on CD, that's not a fifty dollar purchase..

JL: I'm bad at record stores, man. I can rationalize...it's an investment. As long as I take care of it, they only go up in value as they get older and it's material. If my fucking computer dies, I don't lose all my music.

I've got this hard copy.

GM: Now that you've got five studio albums below the belt, how do you decide on a setlist?

JL: That's kind of awesome actually because now there's a lot to choose from. In the early days...I'm not a prolific writer. I don't shit songs out like a lot of people do.

I gotta live awhile and get a story and write it down.

In the early days, playing some at the shows that maybe (I) didn't want to, needed to have it to fill the set. Now it's cool, got a lot to choose from and pick out the ones I enjoy playing and singing.

I've got one big basic set that I dig. It's about half of the new stuff . I've got another set that's kind of in my back back pocket based on the drummer.

GM: What songs do you feel like you have to play?

JL: Well have to...if someone wants to hear a song, if someone requests a song and we've rehearsed it...

GM: Are you going to play Georgia?

JL: Sorry, we haven't rehearsed that one. (laughs) He's never played it and I don't think he's heard it before.

If people holler out a song, I try to play it. I guess the one on the last several tours people wanted to hear was Drinkin' Too Much.

GM: Well, there's a bit of a persona there.

JL: I guess so and that one's not on the setlist, but if they holler for it... (NOTE: They closed the show with it.)

GM: What was it like going on the first tour?

JL: First ever tour? I don't know. We started in Chattanooga, me and Mark Holder as the Black Diamond Heavies.

It was only after we moved to Nashville that we started touring and the first city we played on the first tour was St. Louis. We came up here and played Frederick's Music Lounge.

Bob Reuter was there in the crowd, only about ten people there. We met Bob the first night, which was awesome. I remember that tour being really great.

The next time we came through St. Louis the show was sold out because Bob had been promoting it on the radio.

GM: What do you think needs to  happen for artists like yourself to break out into the mainstream consciousness?

JL: Oh hell, man. I don't know. When you talk mainstream. I don't even know what that is or if I'm even into it.

My needs are simple. I like to travel and I get to do that.

I want to sell records and I like to be comfortable and I want my loved ones to be comfortable, but I don't think I want the mainstream consciousness.

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