Friday, October 2, 2015

Album Review: "Purveyors of Death" by Souls For Sale

Purveyors of Death
Before the world changed, EPs were a legitimate form of release for music.

I've had EP's by Slayer, Metallica, Faith No More, and countless others.

Something changed though. The EP kind of died out. The argument could most likely be made that the iTunes era really changed all of that.

With a full album only costing between seven to ten dollars, why would anyone drop the money on an EP I suppose....

An Extended Play though, it's a great way to meet new artists and really get a feel moreso than a single. Today we are reviewing the very first 7" vinyl EP sent to Glacially's by the German metal band, Souls For Sale.

Souls For Sale
When I hear a band for the first time, I always try to divine their influences.

What other artists colored their perception? Did they steal a certain anything from someone before them? (Who stole it from someone else....Snake Sabo...Ace Frehley...I'm looking at you guys.)

With Souls For Sale, it's very hard for me to pick out their influences, but based on the picture, I'm going to say Down is their number one.

(The previous is not intended to be a factual statement.)

This small collection of songs, though short, is full on power. Full on aggression, and frankly, 45 minutes might kill us.

The guitars are gritty, broken, precise, and they sound like poorly maintained motorcycles.

In short, they're gloriously metal. The riffs are straight up palm muted, beer drinking metal. My only want is that they would start to solo, and veer back into the song...give me a face melting would ya?

The drums are very simple, time keeping, thunder sticks. Overly complex drum patterns can lack the power of a two four beat pounded into your skull.

Check out bandcamp to get their 7" on either vinyl (5 Euros) or digital (2.5 Euros). You'll be glad you did.

Release: August 2015
Genre: Punk Metal
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