Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Interview: Robert Kersey of Psychostick Will Shank You

Some days I get that little old me is doing this kind of thing.

Especially for interviews...but really what do you care?

This is kind of an introduction to a band, Psychostick.

They put out and album last year and I didn't get the chance to review it when it was new. They've just played a show in my hometown of St. Louis, and I'm curious about some things if I'm being totally honest.

How many comedic metal bands do you know? They've been described as Weird Al on steroids and for fans of D.R.I...and that made me miss D.R.I. In the end, let's not take life so seriously.

Am I right?

GM: How can you play metal without being angry? 

Pschostick: Oh we're angry. We're so angry we're laughing. You know, like Dr. Evil and various over villains.

GM: So, this beard song...what if you're a guy, like myself, who frankly cannot grow anything more than a George W Patchy Beard...am I exempt from these beard laws?

PS: Very painful surgery is your only option. Have a beard installed on your face to improve your situation. Or, buy a face wig. That could work too.

GM: Tell me about your shows. Why should people come out?

PS: Our shows are the aural equivalent of MOLTEN LAVA SPEWING IN YOUR FACE. That's why you should come out. Metaphorical liquid rock will vastly improve your mood/skin tone.

GM: What would you say to people who think humorous tunes aren't musically valid?

PS: I say to them, "GOOD DAY SIR." Then I shank 'em in the liver.

GM: What do you do while you're tour to stay sane?

PS: Video games and tranquilizer darts for drunken weirdos keep us sane. The darts shoot out at 600 PSI, so they not only incapacitate them, they also will take a leg CLEAN OFF of their body.

GM: How are you guys motoring across the country?

PS: Our teleporter accidentally created a tear in space/time reality, so now we just use a van and trailer. Almost as effective. 

GM: Here's your chance to really let us all have it. What do we need to know about Psychostick?

PS: We smell REALLY good, eat tons of food, like to put out silly things on these internet web-holes:

AND, on top of those things, we're a band that dabbles in comedic music. Oh, and the rumors ARE true - all four of us are dating Olivia Wilde.

Check out their song

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