Friday, October 30, 2015

Album Review: "The Peace of Solitude" by Arrant Saudade

The Peace of Solitude
Frankly, is there any better holiday than Halloween?

It starts off with the dreadful heat of St. Louis cooling into a brisk autumnal chill. Then we get to dress as anything we want without (much)  judgment.

Best of all, the veil is thin. There's more to that chill than just the drop in temperature....

But let's get on with what we've got shall we?

This one of those albums that the average person would call atmospheric, esoteric, mood music, and any and all other sorts of qualifiers to basically tell you that if you're looking for verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus...

Well you're just not going to find it here. It's nearly Halloween and let's pull back the veil.

Arrant Saudade
The Peace of Solitude starts off, not with thunder, but with a gentle breeze. Piano played like twinkling star welcome us into what comes.

Even though the first song clocks in over eight minutes, see below for the youtube video, no one has to wait long for the punishing vocals that are just behind the rising moon.

Mournful, brooding, and growled. 

Though often sung in concert with the gentle piano, this not a mellow album.

Though it feels like you're walking through the miasma, this album is not overbearing.

There's a beautiful female voice that takes over from time to time, in the utmost juxtaposition, as the growls are accompanied by gentle piano, the gentle female vocals are supported by crunchy guitars and pounding basses.

The songs languish somewhere between dead and dying. Sometimes both and neither. 

This the ugliest melodic music I have ever heard, or the most melodious ugly music. It's something that transcends simple songwriting.

The chill in the air is real.

Release: 9/25/15
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

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