Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Album Review: "Palace of Vision" by Saviours

Palaces of Vision
It's still October!

October is nearly my favorite month of the year. It comes in at fifth, behind December, January, February, and March...

Ya know...winter.

What's great about October is not just the weather, but in St. Louis our dreadful summer has passed on with the Pagan gods....

It's the entertainment industry. Hockey's back. Soccer's in full swing, and metal is king.

This month is metal, metal, metal! Today we're looking at the veteran band, Saviours and their latest album on Listenable Records. It's due out, appropriately enough, on October 30th.

Saviours are more than just a doom metal band.

In our day and age where we classify and quantify everything, what do we do with a missing link like Saviours?

Heavily palm muted riffing. Active, but straight ahead drumming.

Shredding guitar solos both melody and harmony lines.

But there's this grit, this shriek to the vocal. There's also a distinct lack of double bass beats. True, originally thrash wasn't resting on a bed of blast beats, but...

Languid songs, but vicious.

Riffs that wander, but through that brutal wall of sound. If there were a band that was the demon spawn of early Metallica and early Black Sabbath, Saviors would be that band.

With their ability to straddle the line between two very different styles of metal, they're able to keep their album fresh and interesting all the way to the end.

In an age of singles, Saviours has made a superior album.

Release: 10/30/15
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Listenable Records
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