Thursday, October 29, 2015

Album Review: "Visions of Apocalypse" by Insanity

Visions of Apocalypse

I decided to add an extra death metal review as a present to the month of All Hallow's Eve or Samhain if you're of the pagan bent.

It's the second best month of the year. So it deserves a little extra death metal. I hope the congressman trolling me on twitter sees this post, as Pink Floyd wasn't to his liking.

Insanity is a band that's come back from the void. They are proving that there is life after death metal, but old death metallers always come back.

They always thirst for more.

Visions of Apocalypse is the first album from Insanity since 1994. There have been nearly three complete presidential administrations since their last album. The Sega Saturn was still a going concern when this album came out....

Another death metal act who's chosen to eschew the death metal overture.

This convention is far beyond useless....and it's about the worst thing in the world on shuffle..well second to the introduction tracks anyway.

Out of the gate, Insanity is trying to drive you to it. Walking out of this album with your wits about you is akin to getting away from Mr. Filch after being spotted by Mrs. Norris.

There is no generic death  metal here. There's no paint by numbers approach. There's certainly no aping of a style, a scene, or a band.

Insanity created musical movements, that just happen to be very, very extreme metal. The songs live and breathe. They are people living lives, walking down the street, only to have to jump back unexpectedly or weave out of the way of a careening car.

Shredding solos marry the melody of Steve Vai with the unpredictability of Kerry King. Throwback death vocals growl articulately and angrily are joined by choruses of throats.

If Insanity has been holding this music in their veins for the past 20 years...I have to ask...

What too you so long?

Release: 11/13/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unspeakable Axe Records
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