Monday, October 19, 2015

Album Review: "Odio 666" by Certo Porcos!

Odio 666
I have an existential conundrum here.

Today's reviewee, Certo Porcos! is listed as a Hardcore Band from the famed Brazilian Underground.

Speaking to the level of undergroundlieness is something that can't be done by me, we'll skip that.


I'm  having a hard time believing that they're a hardcore band. So could one of my dutiful readers please, in the comments, explain to me precisely what a hardcore band is.

This would give a troll a perfect opportunity to then call me a hack for not being able to describe Hardcore Music....but let's get to the music!

Certo Porcos!
This album shoots right out of the gate. Certo Porcos! has no need for any preamble.

Odio 666 fits right into the Brazilian tradition of angry, political always makes me wonder if Brazilians can play it on their home soil, based on what I heard about Ice-T refusing to sing Cop Killer in Rio De Janeiro...

The voluminous guitars have that sound...the one I affectionately refer to the bumblebee Slayer, but dirtier and probably harder to dial in.

The not only sound great, but their dashing riffs add such power to the sound. There's  no pinched harmonics, two handed tapping, sweep picked arpeggios, or any other end game guitar techniques.

There's only a smattering of vaguely dissonant solos instead of classically inspired melodious fretwork.

This is flat out no frills rock....

But on steroids...and possibly meth.

If it were just for the careening guitars and drums, there's be no problem just calling a hardcore record, but vocally it sounds like the barking of Circle Jerks, but only after ten years of living in Tampa Bay playing death metal shows.

Odio 666 is thick and angry. It's full of honest anger that's no put on to sell. No one can be this mad without seething for years and decades.

Release: 10/30/15
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Greyhaze Records
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