Monday, April 9, 2018

EP Review: "Innen Aussen" by Tarasque

Innen Aussen
The first bit of housekeeping that needs to be discussed is whether or not this is an LP or an EP. The disc clocks in around 27 minutes which puts it slightly under one Reign In Blood.

Slayer's masterpiece clocks in at just under 29 minutes. So, that's the minimum. These delineations are here for the readers! Some of us, like me, know what it's like to buy an EP when you were expecting an LP....

Second bit of housekeeping. Tarasque are listed under the post-metal heading. Does anyone out there refer to anything as Post-Anything?

They're also listed as sludge metal. Each time a post-metal record is reviewed here, we ask for help defining this term. As no one's stepped up, my personal definition of Post-Metal will be this now and forever: It's metal that doesn't simply tick the boxes off and adds in non-metal elements. 

So it is metal and it's not metal at the same time with a tendency for the avant garde.

Staring off.... Innen Aussen is German for Indoor Outdoor.

That's kind of an interesting title isn't it?
This disc is that rare unicorn that's almost never shows its face on these pages....

Mid-tempo music.

It really seems like everything here is either crazy fast, fast, slow, or 70 year old man in the left lane of the interstate slow.

Though, it's not the normal thundering thumper, it's still very heavy.

The album is a bit shorter than we'd like, but they pack quite a punch into this album.

Apart from the first track, which is little more than an extended introduction to the musical stylings you're about to consume, each song fills its own little world.

Tarasque was able to slide in some musical interplay while still remaining sufficiently kvlt and brootal. There's a passage where the guitar's rabbit pace maintains, but the rhythm section slows down.

So, in the end, there's a talented band that's new to the scene. They're even offering you a vinyl edition. There's really no way to go wrong here.

Release: 4/13/18
Genre: Post-Metal
Label: WOOAAARGH/Dedication Records

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