Wednesday, April 11, 2018

LP Review: "I Shall Forgive" by The Erkonauts

I Shall Forgive
It's hard to think of this, but it's true.

There was a time where Faith No More and Infectious Grooves did not exist.

When the only time you were hearing those funky ass bass lines was in...well funk and whatever the hell The Red Hot Chili Peppers are.

Then, this new thing surfaced. You could listen to heavy music with dat funky butt bass. Jason Newsted attempted to add this sort of thing to Metallica, who knows if it ever made it past the editing room.

Infectious Grooves and Faith No More were the beginnings of a new kind of metal. Then bands like White Zombie and Pantera took this idea and made it more mainstream by making it less crazy.

Now, what if a band came along to take those funky bass lines, those really heavy guitars, and then add in the insanity of both Mike Muir and Chuck Mosley?

Then you might have Switzerland's The Erkonauts.

Well, honestly, I'm joking, you would totally have this band.

The difference between them and the original trailblazers is that we're talking about even more craziness here.

Faith No More and Infectious Grooves were strange, but musically speaking, their songs weren't really too avant garde. The Erkonauts....

They're willing to take barbershop to strange new places...and they're probably willing to take just about any kind of music to strange new places.

The fact that they have a man in this band named Ale makes it imperative that you listen to them. Couple that with fun songs and you've got a match made in heaven.

Or something like that.

Release: Out Now
Genre: No idea.
Label: Indie Recordings

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