Friday, April 13, 2018

LP Review: "Ruin" by Wilt

It's been a couple of years, but this album by this Canadian black metal band crossed my desk. Their name was Wilt and they were about to release their full length-debut Moving Monoliths.

This album arrived to me late and there was no time to get it into my scheduled posting, so I did a favor and released my review of it on Thanksgiving Day, 2015.

Their album was one of the first black metal records that really caught me. It was a bit droning and long form. It clocked in around 40 minutes in length with only four songs.

The term atmospheric black metal was now in my head. it was something that stuck with me, but at the time, there wasn't a vinyl release. So, the promo was put into the digital library and I moved on.

Then later on, there was a vinyl release. Yes, it was purchased by me.

That's when Wilt began to take hold of me. Then, without warning, here comes the follow up.

The second album is always a sticky thing. Metallica was able to make greater use of their strengths and come together with a superior effort to their debut.

Kiss did more of the same.

What about Wilt? Moving Monoliths is an epic slab of metal. Could they top this?

To begin with, Ruin doesn't have as cool of a title. The cover isn't as pretty and clever. And on top of all of these other superficial things, the album has six songs on it. And a couple of them...are under 7 minutes.

Clearly, Wilt has sold out.

Well, let's skip past all that silliness and talk about this new album. After listening to it more than once, it becomes clear that Wilt has progressed as musicians and songwriters.

Their debut was thick and slabby, but not much else. There's naught wrong with that, but if they'd come back with part 2, it would've been dull. Ruin is a much more emotional effort. That is thanks in large part to the quality of the vocals.

They're far from melodic, but they're much more emotive. In the end, if you dug the last album, this one should be similar enough to get its hooks into you, but different enough for people like me who love growth and change.

The perfect second album.

Release: 5/18/18
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Vendetta Records

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