Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Foods We Love with Andy Field of APF Records

We're talking to people all over the world about their foods. Today we get to hear from Andrew Field from APF Records based out of jolly old England.

This label features releases from Bong Cauldron and Desert Storm.

But right now, it's time to find out what sorts of foods he eats.

For my American readers who don't watch Monty Python, Red Dwarf, Benny Hill, or Black Books...

Crisps are potato chips. In England they call fries chips...it's confusing I know.

Anyway, make sure you check APF Records for some sweet metal.

For me, lunch is usually the meal where I don't have to deal with the Napoleon of Food. So it's my favorite meal. What's your best meal of the day? 

AF – Dinner. I rarely eat breakfast and usually just a snack for lunch, then gorge myself at night. It’s why I have a spare tyre round my waist haha.

What's your most important meal of the day? 

AF – Crisps. Doesn’t matter when, but crisps are important. I have a serious crisp habit.

In St. Louis have a local delicacy called the slinger. What's your hometown's delicacy? We prefer this to be an expose...tell us what only the locals know. 

AF – Where I live in North West Manchester we have a takeaway called Paradiso Pizza. Forget the pizza, their chicken kebab is the best one I’ve had anywhere ever.

I could live of it. And crisps obviously.

Breakfast. When I'm not taking down a slinger, it's all about bacon and breakfast potatoes/hash browns in my house. What about you? 

AF – If I ever do breakfast, which is rare, I usually go for smoked bacon in a soft roll with HP sauce. If I’m feeling really cheeky I’ll throw some baked beans in there too.

I am ashamed to say I also enjoy a McDonalds double sausage and egg McMuffin on occasion, though usually feel really guilty within seconds of eating it.

I like my coffee cold and my tea with milk in it. What's your preferred caffeine delivery device? 

AF – coffee, milk, 2 sugars, and some whisky. I hate tea – I’d rather drink out of the loo.

I've largely stopped drinking soda, because I could use those calories for beer. Where are you at here?  

AF – as my favourite tipple on a night out is whisky and diet coke, I drink a lot of soda. I know, I know…….

Best beer/spirit/whatever? 

Beer is my downfall. I get the worst hangovers on it. Anything Belgian I love, but it doesn’t love me. As for spirits, I go for cheap whisky or Bourbon. And sambuca.

Lots of sambuca. The black one especially.

I'm a Philistine when it comes to pairings. I just drink what I want with my food. What about you? 

AF- I don’t mix alcohol and food, as I usually want a sleep afterwards. So a soda with my food, and beer with my beer.

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