Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fuzz Lord Undergoes Vinyloscopy

There are times in this life when you look at the mask of a professional wrestler and the whole path of your life is set before you.

The table laid out, the plan, the meal, whatever particular metaphor you prefer.

Fuzz Lord, that's these guys.

This trio based somewhere out of a city in Ohio that shares a name, well some of it, with that of a Hooten Hallers record plays doom, fuzz, and sleaze.

The crept out of their semi-secret lair out of the aforementioned, though unnamed city...ok, fine, it's Chiilicothe, OH, in order to check in on the vinyl score.

One would presume a retro metal band like them would face towards analog shores....

1. Listening to Black Sabbath's eponymous debut the night I got it blew me away. What's the album that sounds the best on vinyl compared to digital sources?

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone!  Bands like Electric Wizard were still recording analog at the time and that album in particular just sounds better on vinyl.

2. I was laying in bed one night and couldn't sleep and I figured, it was time to start buying records. How did you come to the idea that it was time to start buying vinyl instead?

In the 90’s people were practically giving away vinyl at flea markets.  I already had a collection lying around from when I was younger when cassettes and vinyl were the only formats but it really expanded when I could scoop 50 classic albums for $20 at a time.

During my peak buying times I scored albums from Iron Maiden and Metallica to classics from King Crimson and T-Rex and occasionally would find a Sebadoh or Sonic Youth record for less than $5.  

3.For my old stuff, it's vinyl worth, for new stuff, it's all vinyl if available. Do you buy everything on wax or do you have a vinyl worthy category?

I don’t buy everything on wax only because it’s too difficult to find the new albums at the local stores. It’s only when a band with a current release tours when I definitely choose vinyl over CD.

4. My second living room is where I keep it all. Upstairs, my late 90's receiver, vinyl pream, with a 70's turntable and 70's 5 way speakers. Tell us all about your vinyl set up.

Lawrence has the man-basement where we jam and listen to tunes.  He has older dj gear, a hand-me-down from his older brothers attempt to be a DJ in the 80s. 

He has a Technics SL-1200 DJ turntable from the late 80’s and a second newer model attached to a dj mixer running through some great sounding late 80’s pa speakers. 

Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone sounds amazing through his system!

5. Do you read the lyrics and go over the inserts when you're spinning?

Yes, we usually do!

6. When someone says, I'm stupid for buying records, I tell them, thanks, more limited edition colored vinyl for me, what's your answer?

LOL, we ignore negative comments about most things, especially about buying limited-edition vinyl!

7. My first album ever was Live Evil by Black Sabbath, so I'm stuck on live albums. What's the best live album on vinyl?

Grand Funk Railroad - Live Album.  I am still in shock from the first time hearing that album after finding it at a flea market.  

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