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Foods We Love with Old Man Wizard

Old Man Wizard
Old Man Wizard is a southern California Rock Band. San Diego if you're into brevity.

They've been out there for years, pressing vinyl, doing shows, and slogging it out all for the people of these United States.

They're the kind of band you need to check out if you're into things like Ghost, Opeth, and/or Jethro Tull.

Their new album drops next month on May 11th. You can preorder that on BANDCAMP.

So check out below to find out more about how they eat.

1. For me, lunch is usually the meal where I don't have to deal with the Napoleon of Food. So it's my favorite meal. What's your best meal of the day?

Francis: Dinner. Usually a burrito.

Andre: Why do you hate France? 

I like em all!  Breakfast is awesome on mornings when I can take it slow.  BUT, breakfast (for me) doesn't include such favorites as hamburgers or tikka masala.

Kris: Definitely breakfast. Being a Filipino-American, I have to second Andre's answer of siningag (garlic fried rice), eggs, and longganisa (Filipino sausage)!

2. What's your most important meal of the day?

Francis: Breakfast. I miss it a lot, unfortunately. 

Andre: The first good one.  So, breakfast if I have time to really make it.  On a day when I just eat some fruit on way out, lunch becomes most important.

Kris:   Having a hearty breakfast is ideal for me.

3. In St. Louis have a local delicacy called the slinger. What's your hometown's delicacy? We prefer this to be an expose...tell us what only the locals know.

Francis: Here in San Diego? Probably burritos. 

Andre: San Diego has the best burritos.  Most people already know that, but I think everything else we do well can also be found elsewhere.

Kris:  Francis and Andre can answer for San Diego,  so I'll answer for my original hometown of the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. 

There's a burger joint called Daglas that have the best fries I've ever had.

4. Breakfast. When I'm not taking down a slinger, it's all about bacon and breakfast potatoes/hash browns in my house. What about you?

Francis: Quesadillas or something with eggs. If I have a hangover, usually a veggie burrito without lettuce (beans, rice, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, guac, hot sauce)

Andre: Bacon can be amazing, but I like my bacon thick and soft.  Too crispy or too salty, and it's just...mediocre.

I can't get enough of my favorite breakfast: longanisa with garlic fried rice, egg, and tomato.  Seriously, I had to cut back on eating it because my cholesterol was getting into the "kinda high" zone a few months after discovering it.

Kris:  If it's American-style, eggs over easy, hashbrowns, and sausage and/or bacon (crispy).

5. I like my coffee cold and my tea with milk in it. What's your preferred caffeine delivery device?

Francis: I'm into the current fad of serving cold brew coffee on nitro. I'd get it more if it weren't so expensive. I usually drink tea, though, with milk and honey (sometimes vanilla). 

Andre: I don't really do drugs, so it's not about "caffeine delivery".  But I LOVE a good coffee!  

Usually black.  But iced/cold brew are great, too!  So is milk.  Oh man, I'm gonna make some right now.  Not to wake up, though.  It's 8:00 pm in CA!  

Why do people say they "need" coffee to wake up, anyway?  You have to be awake to drink it in the first place!

Oh, barley tea and Hojicha are both really good.

Kris:  I like a hot cup of coffee. Black if it's good coffee. However, those double shot iced espressos make my morning commute a lot more enjoyable. 

6. I've largely stopped drinking soda, because I could use those calories for beer. Where are you at here?

 I've relapsed. Bought a two liter bottle of Coca Cola yesterday for the first time in ages. I like ginger beer lately, too!

Andre: Yeah, it's not really worth the calories (or other issues).  I mostly drink water.  A couple sips of coke is heaven sometimes, but diminishing returns kick in really quick.  

A couple companies make "dry" sodas (they have way less sugar).  Dry vanilla is pretttty good.
Kris:  Oh, yeah, soda sucks! A few sips is pretty satisfying, I guess. I only drink it because it's fizzy. 

But beer is my carbonated beverage of choice.  

7. Best beer/spirit/whatever?

Francis: Mead, bourbon, scotch, cabernet sauvignon, sour gose beers (Modern Times makes a few really good ones!)

Andre: I actually dislike beer!  

But I have some favorites, anyway:  Guinness, Modern Times coffee stout, and I think there was another stouty/creamy/portery one.  

Francis probably knows. [Nope, I don't. -Francis]

Best spirit: the one haunting that ladder at my friend Reece's house.

Kris:  I'm no beer connoisseur,  but I prefer pales, blondes, and browns. Not really a fan of liquor, but I could enjoy whiskey on the rocks.

8. I'm a Philistine when it comes to pairings. I just drink what I want with my food. What about you?

Francis: Trying to figure it out, but I still mostly notice when pairings are actually a problem (milk with lemon juice, etc)

Andre: Why do you hate Israel?

ummm, I mean, I don't go out of my way to "pair" food and drink, but I definitely have some tendencies.  Black coffee isn't very good after salsa.  A White Russian is usually pretty good after a burger.  

Wait, I just realized I DON'T like pairing drink with food!  I always have my drink afterwards!

Great interview!  This is way more fun than talking about music.  Seriously, see if you can try longanisa near you.

Kris:  There's something about pizza and beer that just hits the spot. And breakfast is more enjoyable with a cup of coffee.

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