Thursday, April 5, 2018

Fast Formats With Oceans

It's been a minute since we've heard one of the bands out there talk to us about how they listen to music and what their faves out there are.

Today we're hearing from a younger band out of the UK, Oceans. You can check them on Facebook.

After reading below, you'll see a bit of a generational drift between yours truly and some of the other bands out there.

Oceans are the first band to list digital download as their favorite (favourite?) format.

The first album I ever owned was….

actually Road To Revolution: Live In Milton Keynes, it was a live recording of Linkin Park and I lived around that area at the time. Now might be a fitting time to give that one a listen again.
My favourite album off all time….

would probably be News Of The World by Queen, just a stand out record all round. Plus it has one of the most iconic songs ever written on there. The album with the best art is….

So Long Forever by Palace. Only discovered these guys recently but their sound and imagery are both beautiful. Kinda feel like Lorde might’ve taken some visual inspiration from Palace for her latest album cover. My favourite heavy metal album of all time is….

White Pony Deftones managed to bring a truly raw sound with that album, in the midst of quite an oversaturated scene too that was starting to lean towards the ‘metalcore’ hype of the 2000s, Deftones really managed to stay true to themselves with that one. My favourite live album of all time is…..

Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles. Might be a bit of a melty answer, but it sounds near studio quality and it’s easy to get lost in. My favourite album format is…..

in all honesty, digital download, I’m a bit of tech head myself and I believe you have to move with the times. Saying that, I do miss cassettes, there was something charming about them. 

Check out their latest EP, Far From Composure, on iTunes!

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