Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Film School with Crucible of Hate

Crucible of Hate
Out of Lancaster, OH comes Crucible of Hate. Their debut, Dark Metamorphosis, is coming out this September, courtesy of their own damned selves.

They're one of those death metal bands that's able to straddle the before time and the current times.

But this isn't about their brilliant LP, but about movies, so let the show begin.

1. What's the first movie you remember seeing as a child?

This first movie I clearly remember seeing is E.T. with my whole family at one of the old local drive-in theaters. I was 5 and had some sort of stomach bug hit just as we were loading up to go.

I don’t recall if we stayed for the whole movie or not - I spent most of the time with my face in a bucket. I did not actually see E.T. all the way through until a few years later when video rental stores exploded onto the scene.

2. When I was little, my parents didn't give a damn about what I saw when I was little, so it wasn't until I was about 12 that my folks told me to turn a movie off. What's the first one you were told you couldn't see/finish? 

I had to give this one some thought. At first I did not recall not being allowed to watch any movie, but then I remembered a time when my older brothers were talking about 'Fritz the Cat' and I was not allowed to see it (for obvious reasons if you know about that movie).

 I must have been 10 or 11 at the time. You know, I never did see that one...

3. The only time I walked out on a movie was when I saw An American Werewolf in London,. I was too scared, but in fairness, I was five. Have you ever walked out? 

We had to leave A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was 7, my older brother wanted to see it and my dad had no idea what we were in for. I was so terrified and grossed out as soon as the killing started that we had to leave.

I think I had nightmares for a week. The first horror film I recall making it all the way through was ‘Silver Bullet’, I was scared to be outside at night for at least a couple weeks after seeing it.

 4. Seeing The Empire Strikes Back in theaters sparked a lifelong love of Star Wars flicks. That was the first movie that I saw that brought me into a community. What's yours? 

I would say either Return of the Jedi or Temple of Doom. Those were the very first Blockbusters that I recall seeing and of course all the kids were dressing as the characters and playing with all the toys we could get our hands on.

Han’s Blaster went most places with me for a long time.

5. For the past 25 years plus of my life, I've been watching the Monty Python flicks and give me four minutes and I'll recite any scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail at you. What can you watch that many times? 

Oh man, this is a good one too. Step Brothers tends to be one that I can watch over and over. Dumb and Dumber is another one. Both of those movies are chock full of stupid quotes to be used in every day life.

Deadpool (and Deadpool II) will probably end up on this list as well.

6. Comedies are the movies that really help me escape from daily life, well, those and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. What about you? 

I would say that we seem to have similar movie preferences. I am a sucker for anything set in outer space and also I love inappropriate com

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