Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LP Review: "Blue Haze" by Iron Lamb

Blue Haze
There's a dollar store movie theater in St. Louis Metro and we saw Deadpool 2 there. My buddy hadn't been there in a number of years and I told him, be prepared to see the theater that time forgot.

In that particular case, honestly, it was throwing shade on the place. Hey, I go to the dollar show kind of frequently, but the place could be a little bit nicer.

In some instances though, that can be a great compliment. Iron Lamb is a band out of Sweden. I've said it before and I'm not ashamed to repeat myself, Sweden has a brilliant, blooming Acid Rock Scene.

Iron Lamb fits right in with some of those amazing bands over there and it appears that The Sign Records has chosen to snatch them all up and deliver their dulcet tones all across the world. As it's always what's old is new again, there's been a great outpouring of love for current retro bands.

What sets Iron Lamb apart from their contemporaries is their ability to sound like they came out of 1977 without sounding like anything you've ever heard from 1977.

Release: 10/26/18 FACEBOOK ORDER (coming soon)

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