Monday, July 9, 2018

My Favorite Things with Coilguns

Let's head over the land of chocolate...Switzerland.

That's where Coilguns are from. Presently the band is riding high on their release of Millennials which you can over on CD, LP, or Digital HERE via Hummus Records.

Is anyone else chuckling at the idea of a label called Hummus Records releasing an album by a band called Coilguns or is it just me?

Well, my silliness aside, let's find out  not about their latest release, but more specifically what they're eating over in Switzerland.

Honestly, their answer shocked and terrified me!

Read on.

1. For me, lunch is usually the meal where I don't have to deal with the Napoleon of Food. So it's my favorite meal. What's your best meal of the day?

Every Meal is my favorite of the day. You know why? Because I eat when I’m hungry yoooooo. Any meal is the one thing you can rely on and look forward to in any shitty given day unless you’re in jail or if you feed yourself on frozen bullshit of course. 

Though, pre-packed frozen shitty food can sometimes be life saving. One tip though; Just make your brain believe any dish IS the Napoleon of food. 

Just act like it’s super good no matter what to impress your friends.

2. What's your most important meal of the day?

The very first one. I get hungry as fuck as soon as I open my eyes. Be it at 8am or noon, it doesn’t matter. This is the one thing that will set the mood for the day.

3. In St. Louis have a local delicacy called the slinger. What's your hometown's delicacy? We prefer this to be an expose...tell us what only the locals know.

We eat horse. Horse dry sausage, dried or smoked meat, horse tartar…you name it. We also have our very own type of fondue mixing up three different stinky cheeses. 

Anything that involves absinthe since our region is where it comes from. You can even get absinthe flavored horse sausages.

4. Breakfast. When I'm not taking down a slinger, it's all about bacon and breakfast potatoes/hash browns in my house. What about you?

Fuck the « french » sweet breakfast. English breakfast is awesome. I could eat any kind of steak at breakfast but in order to still keep friends I can settle for « croissant au jambon ». 

It litterally means « Ham-Croissant ». Not to be mistaken with the shit german or french version of it which consists of a butter croissant cut in half where they throw a slice of ham. Here we’re talking about a delicate ham-mousse with pickles and mustard rolled into a special dough and cooked altogether in the oven. 

I have tried more than one bazillion different ones in Switzerland. Every bakery has its own « croissant au jambon ».

5. I like my coffee cold and my tea with milk in it. What's your preferred caffeine delivery device?

I don’t drink coffee though I do enjoy some nice tea (without milk). Who drinks cold coffee?? 

I thought this was a European hipster aberration? I think the water dispenser in Russian train which consists of a disgusting pipe is my favorite liquid delivery device (or not).

6. I've largely stopped drinking soda, because I could use those calories for beer. Where are you at here?

I stopped drinking soda few years ago as it constantly turned my breath into one like a dead donkey’s anus. 

Nevermind the calories, as long as you do drugs you will be fine.

7. Best beer/spirit/whatever?

I don’t drink beer nor do wine. But I’m good at booze. Shots and cocktails, anytime. Vodka is a favorite (not that I think it tastes good, but I’m just good at drinking a lot of it), real absinthe gets a major thumbs up (for fucking you up) and the following cocktails are welcome in any give situation : Margarita, Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary, Basil Smash…

8. I'm a Philistine when it comes to pairings. I just drink what I want with my food. What about you?

Same here, I actually just drink plain water with food. Fuck pairing.

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