Monday, July 2, 2018

LP Review: "Astrological Passages" by Weed Demon

Astrological Passages
Getting things clear right off of the bat, I'm not certain if that thing in the middle is the artwork or if the whole thing is the artwork.

Anyway today we're looking at the release from Ohio's, Weed Demon.

If the context clues didn't knock you over, they're kind of a stoner metal band.

To that end, their logo is in the shape of a pot leaf...or a Maple Leaf....

Can you smoke maple leaves?

True to form, they've created a four track album that's prefect for ingesting your favorite recreational substance and to just irrelevant. They remind me a little bit of Arizona's Twingiant, but without their brevity.

The four tracks make up an entire album, so be on the lookout for thick slow songs that move only slightly.

Relase: 7/27/18 Stoner Metal Facebook Bandcamp

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