Thursday, July 19, 2018

LP Review: "Science Fiction" by Radiant Knife

Science Fiction
Will you just look at that beauty cover right there? Seriously, you can take a minute to enjoy that.

That is the absolutely the most perfect cover for a sludge/doom/stoner metal band. That's the illustration in my head for what this kind of music is.

It's long, slow but when it gets to the point, if it ever does, enlightenment is only a moment or two away...and by moment, we mean three more verses and two more choruses of doom metal away...

The music, like the picture, is a bit strange. The artwork and the musicwork come to loggerheads at times. If you're looking for long chords, long songs, and places to lose your identity but find your purpose, Radiant Knife has you.

If you're looking zero surprises and everything being the same, Radiant Knife might just disappoint you a little. It would appear that whatever we're looking for.... Radiant Knife has found it. Thankfully they've laid down the bread crumbs to lead us to it as well.

Seek Nirvana, listen to Science Fiction.


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