Thursday, July 19, 2018

My Favorite Things with Lord

In about six weeks, Lord is going to be releasing their album, Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men.

These gents are a sludge metal band  hailing from the outskirts of Hell, also known as Virginia.

They were good enough to get with us on what they enjoy that's not precisely music...

You'll find out below.

1. Beer?

RIVERA (guitar):   While I don't drink as much as I used to these days, my go-to beer would still have to be Yuengling. 

I've never been much of a beer snob but I do appreciate the brewery culture that's sprouted up in recent years w/many of my favorite shows we've played over the past couple of years have been booked at breweries in the regional area.

They're always supportive of the heavy music scene and do an excellent job in promoting their events.

KERCHNER (Vocals, Noise, Ancillary Percussion):  Unibroue used to be one my favorite brewers, but as I aged I couldn't do all the sweetness anymore.  

Occasionally, I'll still enjoy a La Fin Du Monde or Trois Pistoles though.  Left Hand Brewery has a Nitro Milk Stout that I absolutely love!  

I'm fully stocked in the studio fridge, though I drink less and less these days.  Right Proper in DC has a really great beer called Raised By Wolves I enjoy as well.

2. Video game system?

RIVERA:  I'm not into gaming in the least, not since the Atari 2600 was actually a relevant system,haha. My recent ex-girlfriend tried getting me into it but nothing would hold my attention long enough for it to stick. 

KERCHNER:  urbo Graphx-16.  Still haven't beat Dragon Spirit.  

I used to love Ecco the Dolphin on Game Gear too.  Been years since I've played either though.   

3. Ethnic food?

RIVERA: My favorite "ethnic" food would have to be Mexican or Chinese.I can eat either of them at any given point in time and they're usually cheap and readily available,haha.

KERCHNER:  Thai food.  

There's a great joint near me called Sister's Thai that easily has the best in town.  They used to have some artsy, hand made, kiddo decorated menus that were awesome as well, but they recently updated them to appeal to more upscale clientele.  

The food is just as amazing as always though.  
4. Music format?

RIVERA: As far as favorite musical format,it'd have to be CD. As much as love Vinyl and appreciate the culture of collecting it,it's a pretty expensive habit and i prefer the convenience of just being able to throw a CD into my car and go.

I tend to do most of my listening while driving so spending a lot of money on Vinyl that won't get as many listens just doesn't make a lot of sense for me but I do plan collecting my absolute must have albums on Vinyl...desert island choices,if you will. 

KERCHNER: DAILY DOUBLE!!!  What is Live Music Alex?

5. Literature?

RIVERA: When it comes to literature, I'm a huge fan of musical biographies and stuff like Lovecraft or King. I don't read as many books as I used to but it's something I intend to get back into when I have the time to focus on something that isn't my band or job,haha

KERCHNER: I read a scripture on a daily basis and enjoy reading history and biographies.

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