Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Film School with Devils Teeth

Devils Teeth
One of the things that's never happened at Glacially Musical...well there's a subset of things.

Those things are the ones that have anything to do with surf rock at all. To the absolute best of my knowledge, in the 6 years and nearly 1500 articles, surf rock hasn't been a part of what I do here.

So, let's throw the rules straight out the window and have a chat with Devils Teeth. They've got a post-modern surf rock (kind of) record that's coming out on August 31st, on the Triple Eye Industries imprint.

Check out Devils Teeth on Facebook and think about preordering their record on Bandcamp. So you figure all that out and let's talk to them about the flickering images on the silver screens of yore. 

1. What's the first movie you remember seeing as a child?
CHUCK: E.T. (1982)

ERIC: The Dark Crystal (1982)

CALEB: Big (1988)

JON: Poltergeist (1982) - Specifically the scene where the guy goes into the bathroom and pulls his face off.

2. When I was little, my parents didn't give a damn about what I saw when I was little, so it wasn't until I was about 12 that my folks told me to turn a movie off. What's the first one you were told you couldn't see/finish?

ERIC: My parents did keep a watchful eye over what I saw as a kid.  Two holy grails I knew I wanted to see were Alien and Predator.  My dad ended up making an awkward VHS compilation that would abruptly hard-cut through all the boring, mundane scenes that featured the aliens.

CALEB: I grew up in a fundamentalist household and when we taped a network TV version of Tommy Boy on VHS, I remember my parents tried to edit out the scene in the beginning where Chris Farley was watching a naked woman swim in a pool.  

You couldn't see anything anyway, but god forbid I knew that such a thing even existed.

JON: My parents were pretty lenient on what I saw as long as there weren’t a ton of boobies.  First one I couldn’t finish was The Fly (Cronenberg).  

Spent most of the time hiding behind my mom's back.

3. The only time I walked out on a movie was when I saw An American Werewolf in London,. I was too scared, but in fairness, I was five. Have you ever walked out?

CHUCK: I’ve fallen asleep but never walked out.  My frugal upbringing taught me that leaving = wasting money.

JON:  No, I’ve never walked out.  If I’m going to hate a movie, I’m going to hate every second of it. 

4. Seeing The Empire Strikes Back in theaters sparked a lifelong love of Star Wars flicks. That was the first movie that I saw that brought me into a community. What's yours?

CHUCK: Seeing RAD as a kid when I was riding a BMX bike every day was huge. I know that movie has cult status and appreciation among lots of bike enthusiasts - myself included.

JON: Probably Fists of Fury (aka The Big Boss).  Turned me into a lifelong Bruce Lee/Kung Fu fan.

5. For the past 25 years plus of my life, I've been watching the Monty Python flicks and give me four minutes and I'll recite any scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail at you. What can you watch that many times?CHUCK:  National Lampoon’s Vacation.  I’ve seen it countless times and start laughing at scenes before they happen. 

CALEB: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest—it has the perfect balance of comedy and heart

ERIC: The movie I currently consider to be my "desert island' film is Big Trouble In Little China.  I always drop whatever I'm doing to watch that movie whenever it's playing.

JON: I've pretty much watched Evil Dead 2 once or twice a year for the last 23 years.

6. Comedies are the movies that really help me escape from daily life, well, those and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. What about you?

CHUCK: I’m always seeking out comedies too, though I’ve recently found an appreciation for popcorn action movies. 

ERIC: I definitely use cinema as an escape, a way for me to generate new ideas for things I want to work on.  Films from the 70's are usually inspiring because they broke so many rules.  I also really dig picturesque arthouse stuff, things that play a lot with editing and shot framing.

JON: Fun horror movies (none of that brutal torture crap) and Kun

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