Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Favorite Things with The Tomicks

The Tomicks
Today we're spending a little bit of time with a band out of England, The Tomicks.

They're a little bit strange because the drummer is the lead singer.

I think we can all count on one hand how many times that's worked out, am I right?

The drummer, man, not only is he singing, but his girlfriend is also in the band.

The Tomicks are driving a dangerous road....

Well, as long as they're better than anything Peter Criss did once he got out of Kiss, they've probably got a fighting chance.

They're songs are strongly inspired by the 60's-70's rock scene and we're gonna be getting to that soon enough, but today let's find out something completely different....

1. Beer? 

I used to drink as much cheap lager as a possibly could. I’m not a sophisticated craft beer or British Ale drinker. I’m a 12 cans of Stella from the off-license type of guy.

I had many, often extremely enjoyable nights staying up with friends listening to fantastic music, drinking till I passed out and smoking some ungodly quantity of foul, cheap cigarettes. I was also a karaoke addict and evenings at karaoke establishments were always accompanied by several pints of lager.

Sadly, drinking days had to come to an end as it was pretty clear I had fallen into alcoholism and it was having a negative effect on everything from my weight to singing voice.

2. Video game system? 

I used to play FIFA and Grand Theft Auto but I don’t game anymore.

3. Ethnic food? 

I love an Indian curry. London has a lot of good Indian restaurants. My order is chicken vindaloo, pilao rice, garlic naan. It used to be washed down with a few pints of Cobra but now it’s a Diet Coke or two.

4. Music format? 

I love vinyl and it really is how music should be experienced. Full albums, graphics, photography and artwork, listening to the music the way the artist intended you do, studying the lyrics and who played what.

That said, despite the fact they’re a decidedly un-rock n’ roll corporate giant, Spotify is great for the consumer and I’ve discovered so many amazing artists and songs just from how easy it is to navigate and how much incredible art is now at our disposal at the click of a finger.

5. Literature? 

I’ve been reading autobiographies this year. Just finished Phil Collins’ and about to start Don Felder’s. I also read the famous human relations book by Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People, but I’m finding its advice increasingly hard to live by and I just want to tell people who irritate me to “Fuck Off” rather than to “try to see things from their perspective”.

I guess that makes me a guy with no people skills.

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