Friday, June 29, 2018

Interview:Redouane Aouameur of Lelahell

Lelahell, Aouameur center
It's been nearly five years since we've had a proper album from Lelahell make its way onto our shores here in the  United States.

Their last record was an absolute beast of a death metal pummeling, or something to that effect.

Right now, they've just released the follow up, Alif, which you can order here on BANDCAMP.

While you're waiting for it to download, check out what Redouane Aouameur had to say about Algeria, Lelahell, and all things metal.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time to speak to us today.

 Lelahell: Thanks for that interview, it is always a pleasure!

GM: Let's start off with is Alif different from it's predecessor? 

LH: Alif is more technical, more melodic than previous releases. We also worked very closely on the tempo changes and the songs structures.

GM: Lelahell has toured around the EU, but can we expect to see anything like that here in the USA anytime soon? 

LH: We would really love to! Playing in the USA is very complicated for us because we need a working visa and the situation isn’t in our favor (guess why?!)

We are in contact with a tour promoter; we will try for 2019!

GM: Tell me about Abderrahamane for our Western readers. 

LH: Abderrahmane is the name of my father (R.I.P) and my son. It is also the band’s character.

Each Lelahell release is conceptually linked to the character of Abderrahmane, yet focusing on another evolutionary step—another chapter in his own book.

In the lyrics of our first EP Al Intihar, Abderrahmane is tired of his own life full of constraints, so he commits suicide.

Our first album Al Insane... the (Re)Birth of Aberrahmane deals with his rebirth. Our new album "Alif" is now focusing on Abderrahmane's first steps in his new life, just like a child learning to speak, walk, learning about the world around him.

Yet this is full of foes and fears, that's why Abderrahmane needs to save himself from those dangers.

GM: What bands influenced you into making concept albums? 

LH: We can’t consider those releases as concept albums; because each track is different it is just the main idea. For the next album we will make a concept album for sure, you will know more about the idea soon

GM: Being from Algeria, how much resistance has you faced in making metal? 

LH: It is not as you can imagine, the main problem is the lack of venues and lack of support from the government, just like all non-metal countries around the world.

GM: How has the Algerian metal scene grown since you started playing shows? 

 LH: In the end of 90’s it was the golden era of the Algerian metal scene, A lot of bands, a lot of shows, a lot of people attending shows. Since the debut of this year there is a renewal like a new wave of Algerian Metal scene! Wait and see

GM: In the US, we don't really learn about Algeria, apart from little bits in World War II. What's it like there?

LH: Algeria is situated in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Morocco and Tunisia.The capital is Algiers. It is the biggest country in Africa, and the 10th in the world. Only 12% is inhabited (40 millions). We speak Algerian Arabic, which is 80% Arabic mixed with French, berbeber, Italian, Spanish and some other languages.

Algeria was a French colony during 132 years (1830-1962), this is why the French language is the second spoken in Algeria. The Algerians did fight with the French in World War I and World War II but from 1954 to 1962 Algeria was engaged in a fight with France for their independence that was bloody and long.

It resulted in more than a million Algerian deaths. Algeria have a huge variety of landscapes, the sea , the mountains and the Sahara desert which represents the 2/3 of the country.

This is why we have big reserves of oil which represents more than 90% on our incomes. And more...

GM: What is the most important thing we need to know about Lelahell? 

LH: One of the most important things to know is that we play music because we love music! Support Lelahell or die!

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