Friday, June 15, 2018

Vinyloscopy with Avantist

Awhile back, I shared with you the video fro Red Bible from Chicago's Avantist. If you didn't before, head over there and check out that video.

It's a bit on the strange side, so if you're reading this site, you'll probably love it.

The post-rock band is from a set of four brothers from the south side of Chicago. Their debut album was released by No Trend Records and they apparently weren't satisfied with just an LP this year, so they and Avantist have agreed to release an EP later this month as well.

No rest is the best kind right? I mean, if you just keep moving, you don't need to rest.

In the mean time, we checked in to see what they think of vinyl.

Check it out below!

1. Listening to Black Sabbath's eponymous debut the night I got it blew me away. What's the album that sounds the best on vinyl compared to digital sources?
The two best examples I can think of are Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

I think it's just a testament on how well these two records and engineered, mixed, and mastered. On wax you can hear every little nuance, some of which get lost when you're listening to a stream or MP3. 2. I was laying in bed one night and couldn't sleep and I figured, it was time to start buying records. How did you come to the idea that it was time to start buying vinyl instead?
One of the biggest things that pulled me in was the aesthetic element. Holding a vinyl of a record you love dearly is just a great feeling and a way to show how much you appreciate the art.

To me, it's the best way to show how much of a fan you are of the music. When you really love an album, you want to have the album art displayed in your home, read through all the liner notes and just learn everything you possibly can about it. 3.For my old stuff, it's vinyl worthy, for new stuff, it's all vinyl if available. Do you buy everything on wax or do you have a vinyl worthy category?
I try to buy only the albums that I really love. The ones that you can listen to over and over again and never get sick of.

Fernando on the other hand buys anything he can get his hands on. (No Fern, I don't want to listen to your Crib Underground record). 4. My second living room is where I keep it all. Upstairs, my late 90's receiver, vinyl pream, with a 70's turntable and 70's 5 way speakers. Tell us all about your vinyl set up.
We're not really big audiophiles at the house to be honest. We have an Audio-Technica AT-LP60 connected to a Bose Acoustimass Series 2 home speaker system. 5. Do you read the lyrics and go over the inserts when you're spinning?
Yes, that's one of the best parts of the vinyl listening experience. I love reading through the songwriting credits and engineers who may have worked on other albums I love. 6. When someone says, I'm stupid for buying records, I tell them, thanks, more limited edition colored vinyl for me, what's your answer?
I say, “You're a just a baba bo-hi”. 7. My first album ever was Live Evil by Black Sabbath, so I'm stuck on live albums. What's the best live album on vinyl?

The Mars Volta’s Scab Dates. Those performances are forever engraved in our brains.

You can order their LP and preorder their EP HERE.

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