Thursday, June 21, 2018

Our Favorite Things... Gramma Vedetta

Gramma Vedetta
Let's get to know someone again. It's important know that a band is more than just their bio.

To that end, here's Gramma Vedetta's Bio...

In late 2016, Dan (former Bones & Comfort), Marco and Val (former Black Juju Infection of Heaven) started having fun jamming together at Pirate Studios in South London. After a couple of rehearsals, they realized they were onto something good...
A frontman/guitarist with heavy rock-blues influences, a funk-rock bass player with a love for electronic music and a metal-head drummer with Stoner Rock influences make up the formula for Gramma Vedetta’s music.
You can jump, you can head-bang but overall you will get lost in space where a fuzzy guitar leaves the galaxy, pushed by roaring bass and rocksteady drums.
1. Beer?
Ales when accompanying with food here in UK.

But the Gramma Vedetta most loved beer is called Ichnusa. It’s a light and refreshing lager produced in Sardinia, which is the region of origin of ⅔ of Gramma Vedetta.

2. Video game system?

Commodore 64. Waiting for the game to load was part of the show. Gathering with friends around the TV and handlyng cassette made videogaming another way to bond with people.

3. Ethnic food?

Turkish or Lebanese: They are similar to the Italian and Greek one (or at least, closer than the British one)

4. Music format?

Streaming. Vinyl.
Streaming because it’s comfortable. Vinyl because it’s meditative: exploring every corner of the artwork while listening to the album is what our daddies taught us to do.

5. Literature?

E.A Poe - Philip K. Dick. - Asimov
We like how the future was painted in the past and when sci-fi or horror were mostly psychological and visionary.

We don't actually read a lot of fiction. We are more interested in reading scientific / technical stuff. (physics / math / information technology / psychology etc)

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