Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Goddess of Fate's Favorite Things

Goddess of Fate
What do you think of these favorites? To me, they're a cool insight into bands you might not know or want to know more about.

Today, we're talking to Goddess of Fate. They are the first band from Indonesia to be featured on Glacially Musical. 

They're a progressive death metal band from Yogyacarta, Indonesia if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

If you ask me, that's totally cool.

They just put out an LP, Spiral Orchard pt. 1. You can check that out HERE, but right now, let's get inside some noggins.

1. Beer?

I don't drink beer that much. Down here in Indonesia we have a lot of traditional drinks which will make beer a little bit tame compares to them. 

But if I have to pick an international brand, it is Carlsberg, which I only drink it because it used to sponsor my favorite soccer club, Liverpool. (ed note: UP THE ARSE!)

2. Video game system?

San Andreas, Shadow of Colossus, Snake Eater, Kingdom Hearts, Silent Hill 2, Dragon Quest VIII, Persona 4. 

Those games are enough to crowned Playstation 2 as the best console of all time. Only Super Nintendo at its prime can top them, but that's another story.

3. Ethnic food?

I'm from Indonesia and the best of food here, objectively speaking, is Rendang. 

It's been voted many times as the best food/the most delicious food in the world, which is made it overrated in a way. 

But overrated does not always bad, just like Beatles are overrated.

4. Music format?

I love anything that produces sound. But if I have to pick, I prefer any physical format. I have a soft spot in my heart for cassettes and CD's because those formats are the first musical thing I ever had.

5. Literature?

I'm a sucker for all science fiction novels and Lovecraftian works. To me, they represent the similar spectrum. If there are living beings out there that more powerful than us, what would they think of us? If the universe is full of sentient races, what makes us special? 

What would we have in common with them, and which deep parts of our nature are just evolutionary happenstance?. My personal favorite other than classics like 1984 and Shadow over Innsmouth are The Anubis Gates, House of Stairs, Inverted World and so on. 

My newer favorite is The Humans by Matt Haig, It is about seeing humans from alien point of view, the topic that almost beaten to death in the sci-fi genre, but Matt Haig gives the new interesting and funny aspect in it. 

Definitely check it out if you are into these kinds of things.

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