Thursday, June 14, 2018

Concert: Un At The Sinkhole 6/13/18

Un @ The Sinkhole 6/13/18
St. Louis is a hot place and on June 13, 2018, it was no exception.

Just walking outside is enough to make you sweat. On that day, Un makes their way here to play their first show at the Sinkhole.

Coincidentally, it's my first time going to The Sinkhole as well. The Sinkhole is a stone's throw away from the Mississippi River in St. Louis's Carondelet Neighborhood.

I drove down South Broadway past corner bar after corner bar, in other words, through South St. Louis, MO. When showtime hit, I'd already downed a pint a Busch Bavarian Lager and purchased a shirt from Un.

The air was also nice enough to stop hurting and give way to a nice midsummer's evening, in very late spring.

Small metal shows in St. Louis draw a lot of the same people. Before Badr Vogu hit the stage I saw the Heavy Metal Kilt man. I don't know his name and before last night, I'd never spoken to him, but I knew he'd be there.

The Sinkhole is an interesting place. To get to the bathroom, you have to walk in front of the stage area. There's no raised stage. On the wall separating the bar and the aforementioned stage, there's a 12 foot tall Taco Bell sign...

Oakland's Badr Vogu opened the show.  They're a doom/death band who encompasses both of those genres quite well. They were powerful and thick. The perfect opening snack for Un.

Un took the stage a little earlier than expected and played a bit less than expected as well and that's with a delay after blowing up a bass amplifier.

Before their set, I stepped out side, as The Sinkhole is a dead zone for Sprint, to send some text messages and read an email or two. When I came back in, the entire bar was thick with fog. The effect was palpable. (See my terrible photo above.)

Un's songs are long, droning, and melancholy. Their show built upon that and did so with enormous amounts of volume. My mistake was not taking a pair of earplugs from them when I bought that T-shirt.

Please note...if a band is offering you free earplugs, there's probably a really good reason. The pins were also free, but I get weird asking for things for free, even if they're listed as such and I'm spending money no pins or earplugs for me.

After a time, I stood back, as to be out of the direct line of fire from the amps and the effect was noticeable.

They're still on tour and make sure you check them out if you can.... You'll be glad you did, just make sure you take a pair of earplugs. They are free after all.

Remaining dates:

6/14 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone Main Room
6/15 - Baton Rouge, LA - The Woodshop
6/18 - El Paso - Velvet Rose
6/19 - Tucson - Congress Club
6/20 - Las Vegas - Cornish Pasty
6/21 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Underground*
6/22 - Boise, ID - Neurolux*
*No Bädr Vogu

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