Thursday, June 7, 2018

"Continuum" by Sons of Alpha Centauri

It's been a little while, but Sons of Alpha Centauri have returned with their sophomore album, Continuum.

It's ambient, instrumental rock.

There are times when the record heads towards metal and others when it heads the other way towards chamber music.

This is an album that features a collection of songs and a collection of moods. What makes it a great album is that even though it lacks lyrics and vocals, there's no lacking of emotion.

Quality musicianship can convey the same amount of emotion as a vocalists talking about their feelings in a therapist's office.

Sons of Alpha Centauri (or SOAC) have that ability. Unlike some other instrumental bands out there, their songs run the gamut. The synthesizers and guitars work together, apart, and converse with beautiful melodies.

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