Monday, June 4, 2018

LP Review: "...And You Will Obey Me" by Down Among The Dead Men

...And You Will Obey Me
Here we have a meeting of the minds.

David Ingram (Echelon) has joined forces with Rogga Johansson (Paganizer) to create a new and different band....Down Among The Dead Men.

What they've created is a Grindcore and Death Metal hybrid.

...And You Will Obey Me has an interesting mix of Napalm Death's straight ahead blasting, but with Slayer''s articulation and musical dynamics.

This is, and work with me here, a progressive grindcore album. Why there are even a few guitar solos here and there. Because, comparatively, they're lacking all over this record, their effect is greater.

This isn't one of those albums by bands like The Black Dahlia Murder where you're pounded by unyielding heaviness, but a series of songs featuring both light and dark...and intelligible growls throughout.

Release 6/15/18 Genre Grindcore/Death Metal Label Transcending Obscurity Facebook

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