Friday, June 22, 2018

Our Favorite Things with Her Despair

Her Despair
Have you checked in lately?

You know the deal, fall in right?

Let's all check in together with England's Her Despair. They're a dark metal band from somewhere in England.

Normally, when we get to these favorites, one person in the band will tell the story, but here we have the favorite things from all five members of the band.

Just a reminder...

Beer/Spirit/Etc? Video Game? Ethnic Food? Music delivery device? Literature?

James (vocals)

1. I don’t drink alcohol, so I’ll have to go with Fanta. Not very exciting I’m afraid.

2. It’s rare that I play video games, but I do like the “Batman: Arkham” series and “Call of Duty” on PS3.

3. Chinese every time, specifically beef chow mein.

4. Vinyl for the sound, CD for the collection, digital for the convenience.

5. The work of the Marquis de Sade had a profound impact on me, as it opened my eyes to erotic literature. "The Bible” is always a favourite as well.

Dan (guitar)

1. I don't really drink beer but I guess I'll have to say Fosters, as it can be used to make Snakebite.

2. Nintendo 64. This was a tough one between the N64 and PS2 as they both have a great catalogue of games, but Nintendo has “Banjo Kazooie” and “Ocarina of Time.”

3. Burrito. I only had my first burrito a few years ago but it was amazing! They are now my favourite post-gig food.

4. CD. Not as convenient as digital formats, but CD’s make a much more impressive collection.

5. Harry Potter. This one wins by default as it is the only series of books I have read, but why would I read anything else? Harry Potter is the best.

Vikki (bass)

1. Beer isn't my drink of choice, I tend to opt for spirits. If I were to pick a beer it would be Corona.

2. Probably Xbox 360, as it's the console I've played the most games on. I can only imagine how many hours I've spent playing “Skyrim.” 

3. Unfortunately I'm not very adventurous with food, so I would probably have to pick Chinese. 

4. I'm not too bothered really, but I always buy CD's as I like having a physical copy. 

5. I tend to prefer the fantasy genre, my favourite books being “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy by JRR Tolkien.

Jordan (guitar)

1. I’d probably go with Doom Bar or Hoegarden.

2. I rarely play video games anymore, but when I do I stick with PC as I like strategy games.

3. Indian. Though to be honest, anything vegetarian and really spicy is great.

4. I’m not really bothered. I listen to CD’s, vinyl and I stream.

5. Science fiction. Particularly anything by Andrew Crumey as I’m fascinated with quantum physics. I also love Iain M Banks and George Orwell.

Lee (drums)

1. Beer? Nah. Jack Daniels all the way. It's refreshing and awesome.

2. PS4 as it has the best exclusives.

3. Arabic cuisine. I spent 6 years abroad and lived off it.

4. Vinyl. Who's gonna argue?

5. Everything by Chris Carter. Gritty, realistic, and such a tense read.

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