Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Foods We Love with Hollow Leg

Hollow Leg
Coming all the way out of Jacksonville, FL, we have Hollow Leg.

You might recall their Murder EP.

They're currently putting the finishing touches on an LP due out this fall, but in the mean time, let's see what they're stuffing into their hollow leg...

1. For me, lunch is usually the meal where I don't have to deal with the Napoleon of Food. So it's my favorite meal. What's your best meal of the day? 

Probably breakfast, especially if the hangover situation is real! But the breakfast foods are some of the most comforting

2. What's your most important meal of the day? 

Usually lunch, to get that needed push to fuel the afternoon and evening

3. In St. Louis have a local delicacy called the slinger. What's your hometown's delicacy? We prefer this to be an expose...tell us what only the locals know. 

Being on the ocean, seafood is a big thing especially shrimp.

But I don’t know there’s any food items totally unique to Jacksonville? But it is the South, so bbq is big and things like fried chicken and shrimp and grits

4. Breakfast. When I'm not taking down a slinger, it's all about bacon and breakfast potatoes/hash browns in my house. What about you? 

I’m an egg junkie! I’ll eat eggs with anything...but definitely not big on sweets for breakfast though pancakes are nice here and there and recently I’ve taken to green yogurt with berries bananas and maybe granola

5. I like my coffee cold and my tea with milk in it. What's your preferred caffeine delivery device? 

Black coffee is every morning and sometimes at night, unsweetened iced tea with lemon or hot green tea.

I really don’t dig on energy drinks, would much rather hot black coffee for a pick me up

6. I've largely stopped drinking soda, because I could use those calories for beer. Where are you at here? 

100% o haven’t had soda in years and beer is vice number one

7. Best beer/spirit/whatever? 

We have a lot of IPAs in Florida but my pallet get wrecked on those after a while.

Love a good lager or Pilsner, as far as lesser domestic I can do PBRs on occasion but just say no to bud or Miller products.

Spirits really depend, I love Irish and bourbon whiskeys but not scotch though our singer Scott loves with grapefruit one of my favorites and love tequila too but no gin please wine has become more just for enjoying with food these days but I do love wine of all types

8. I'm a Philistine when it comes to pairings. I just drink what I want with my food. What about you?

Depends on the food for sure but I tend to like wine best with food, beer can get a bit heavy with a meal. But sometimes mood strikes and just want a good ol'beer and sub sandwich or burger and of course beer always great with pizza though red wine and pizza is great too.

 And while a new juicy red goes perfect with a steak, so too does whiskey or martinis 🍸 cheers

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