Thursday, June 28, 2018

LP Review: "Fredagsmys" by Vanhelga

Recently I was told that I must not really enjoy any new music because I said that it's better to not hear things I've heard before.

Simply put this guy thinks that there's no new music, nothing original anymore. It's probably best for me to point him towards Vanhelga.

It's a Doom Metal band with some black metal leanings all wrapped up in Swedish Pop Music Box.

It makes a lot more sense to just think that than it does to type it admittedly...

Fredagsmys does something many albums fail to do, but so many movies and hockey games succeed at so admirably. This album is an emotional roller coaster from first not to last.

Is it strange for doom metal records to have uplifting sections? Because this one has it. I probably should've put SPOILER ALERT there, but I didn't.

The morose arpeggios and the thick power chords intermingle with the vocal stylings that are seemingly ever evolving. From each song to the next, it was hard to know what to expect..and that's what grabs me so hard.

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