Monday, June 11, 2018

Stream: "Spirit Song" by Brass Owl

If you're anything like's middle afternoon, ya know, popsicle time, and there's a hankering going on in the cockles of your heart. What I need right now is a band that sounds like Creamed Conformity...meaning somewhere between Cream and Corrision of Conformity.

Well, have we got a band for you! Ohio's own, Brass Owl, has been compared to both of those acts. Right now, here on this here internet, you can hear their latest track, Spirit Song which sounds a bit more like Ralph Macchio's character from Crossroads playing Cream tunes.

There's nothin' better than cuttin' heads. Don't forget to poke them on FACEBOOK. They're self-releasing their debut EP on June 22nd. They'll likely keep you appraised of how to get that there on Facebook.

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