Friday, February 2, 2018

EP Review: "Starved and Hanging" by Eye of the Destroyer

Starved and Hanging
Eye of the Destroyer is a band who's racked up some pretty impressive numbers of followers on social media.

We've been online buddies for awhile now.

Finally, we have an opportunity to review some of their music. Their latest EP, Starved and Hanging, is getting a physical release which means, it's finally being birthed into the world as a real thing.

It's a bit of a shorty, but we're going to do our best to talk about it, shall we?

It's only four tracks and about eleven minutes long, but those eleven minutes are sheer brutality.

This EP starts off angry and stays that way the throughout the entire time. There's a touch of ambiance before the's a nice little touch.

Eye of the Destroyer
Once they get really rolling though, it's almost like they're not precisely sure which heavy metal sub-genre they belong to.

The songs are short enough to be grindcore.

With the over the top brutality of the vocals, the drums, and the guitars....these tracks could be some sort of other core suffixed music.

It would appear though, that this isn't metalcore because we're not treated to thunderous drums and it's certainly not deathcore, because I'm enjoying listening to it.

So, it's this some sort of Death Metalcore Grindcore Core?

Well, if this was an apple, most eaters wouldn't get to the core because it's thick enough to break your teeth.

So, let's leave out the core aspect of the genre title and simple call it Post-Progressive Heavy Metal Core. Because all the cool kids have core at the end of their names right?

In the end, we've got a rippin' little EP that will do more than the job.

Release: 2/2/18
Genre: Metal
Label: DIY

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