Monday, February 26, 2018

LP Review: "Second Edition" by Gygax

Second Edition
It's been too long since some proper Dungeons & Dragons stuff has landed here.

In the interim, we have attempted to get even nerdier, even more old school, and even more into Dungeons & Dragons.

The Kiddo and I have watched the entire Dungeons and Dragons television series from the early 1980's.

Did you know it starred Willie Aames as Hank The Ranger?

It's also worth noting that this television show had pretty much nothing to do with the game at all. Even the character classes weren't real, besides Ranger and Thief, but Shelia never backstabbed anyone so it's kind of a ripoff.

So, yeah, it's been a little while since things have gotten any more D&D here.... Hell, it's been a minute since our D&D Loving friends Gygax have dropped an album.

Thank the gods, the demons, and the roll of the dice for Gygax's triumphant return.

The follow up to Critical Hits feels like Shadow Over Mystara versus Tower Of Doom.

It's clear that we're playing the same game, but this is a new and improved Gygax. 

It would seem that the title of their latest LP would be the clue.

AD&D Second Edition was a reworking of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.

The current record sounds like Thin Lizzy after a marathon campaign whilst guzzling a whole thirty pack cube of Mountain Dew.

Anyone looking for the nerdy references, don't worry, this reworked Gygax still has all of the wonderful things that you still remember.

In St. Louis, we're going to order your vinyl LPs and wait for you to tour in flyover country. Until such point, you guys have the charisma of Paladins in my book.

Release: 3/16/18
Genre: Metal(?)
Label:Creator Destructor
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