Thursday, February 8, 2018

Video: "Overture 2112/The Temples of Syrinx" by Earth's Yellow Sun featuring Rody Walker

Rob Torkelson's Armada featuring Herman Menderchuk! 

Wait, sorry, this isn't a Kids in the Hall sketch, but this would be at least three times as Canadian. We have a prog rock band from Toronto covering a significant swath of Rush's seminal 2112.

It gets better they're all wearing Rush shirts and sending some gent on a quest who doesn't appear to even be in the band.

But there are in fact bearded wizards. Did I mention the horn section? I feel like I had to have mentioned the horn section.

Or was it just the wizards? I mean, how many videos are there with wizards hanging out and giving away Rush records?

Not enough.

Speaking of which, we need some of those wizards in St. Louis.... But in the mean time, check out these crazy people on Facebook.

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