Friday, February 9, 2018

Video: "Declaration of War" by Crimena

It's time for a few minutes of a full on onslaught.There are times in this world when darkness wins and the best way to eradicate that darkness is with pure crushing heavy metal.

The band themselves has the following to say about the video. Here in America, we all know veterans who've returned home and sometimes left a part of themselves in the war.

"The video depitcs the stugles of a man haunted by the horrors of war and the reality he must face when he returns home. The video also has a deeper meaning, one that is in context with the rest of the songs on the upcoming EP and the entire ideea behind the said EP, but, unfortunatley at the moment we cannot disclose more On this video we collaborated with our friends Andrei Ursu and Mitel Corici, the same guys that did our previous two videos (Mutawwa and Gospel of the unbeliver) and were helped a lot by Airsoft Craiova and Wrath Inc. This is the first single that we release in the new lineup and it is just a teaser for the great stuff that is to come."

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