Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LP Review: "Troll" by Troll

It's easy to judge a book by its cover and look deeply into the dark pits of the soul and other hippy stuff right?

Well, consider if nothing else, just the word troll.

Yesterday my family took sick days and I worked from home in order to care for them.

During that time, my daughter subjected me to no less than two hours of Trolls cartoons.

The kiddo has also inherited a fandom of Harry Potter, but would she consider the troll in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to be the same thing as Branch or Poppy?

We haven't even gotten to the trolls in The Hobbit. So, really if you think about just those three parts of popular culture, the word troll evokes three very different connotations.

Let's not even consider online trolling.

So, what does the word troll even mean anymore?

I'm going with "it's an amorphous word that can be fitted into any and all uses as long as the use includes something along the lines of a stooping over creature that raps and sings along with a DJ."

So, based on my personal definition of troll, Portland's Troll is rather unlike trolls.

So, the question is what are they like?

My Gen X readers might remember those trippy educational films from science class showing all sorts of time lapse photography.

Troll is nothing like the music from those films, but their music is a lot like the images from those films. Their songs are about as long as an 8mm filmstrip and they always finish far, far away from the starting point.

This is a slow, trippy, and fairly progressive batch of songs. Few bands are able to play traditionally styled doom metal in a way that keeps it fresh.

The loopy tinged guitars, the harsh and clean vocals....this is something to behold.

This is their self-released debut tape/CD and it's being re-released by Shadow Kingdom records. Then there'll also be another release later on in the year.

Get acquainted now because, if this is their first attempt, their second should blow us all away.

Release: 3/16/18
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Shadow King Records

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