Friday, February 16, 2018

LP Review: "Eight Coffin Nails" by Alghazanth

Eight Coffin Nails
It's time to get full on heavy metal hipster.

How's that you ask?

We're going to get down with several word long subgenres.

Everybody around here knows that this guy is a big fan of doom metal, stoner metal, pagan metal, ya know, all those different names for that would basically be Neo-Proto-Metal.

Or would it be Neo-First-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal?

I'm not certain that this particular wave has every been properly pigeonholed into an entirely pointless sub-sub-genre, but yeah, let's move forward.

Today's review features that Finland Band that everybody's been talking about, Alghazanth. They are a Finnish black metal band that's been circling the globe since 1995. Eight Coffin Nails is the first album since 2013's The Three Faced Pilgrim.

Now, just in case we don't run into any issues like we did after that Arch Enemy review, let's get something out of the way: 

Eight Coffin Nails is the first album I've ever heard by Alghazanth and it seems that I can neither read their logo nor pronounce their name.

Alghazanth is a band that wears corpse paint on stage, so, presumably in their minds, they're pure black metal, but Eight Coffin Nails is more than that.

There's some very strong doom metal here, but wait, there's more!

This record is kind of like an infomercial for metal. Just when you think that Alghazanth has given you all they have and this is the best deal you're ever going to hear....

There's just a little bit more that they can give you. If Black Metal interests you, but listening to Scandinavian Black metal gets to repetitive, Alghazanth is the band you have been waiting for.

That's what I love so much about this record. They're playing the music that moves them at that time. It's heavy, groove laden, and doomed out.

It's structural chaos.

Release: 3/23/18
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Woodcut Records
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